2018/2019 Budget

Shire President’s Message

It is with great pleasure that I present the 2018/19 budget for the Shire of Dowerin which Council adopted on 21 August 2018. Overall this year, the Dowerin Shire will receive $1,336,57 in rates revenue which is an increase of 5% over last year.  A 5% increase amounts to an extra $61,339 over last year which is needed to offset cost increases such as in insurance, utilities and fuel.  The Shire has had a significant reduction in State Government funding which has meant a considerable amount of work in balancing this year's budget.

The Shire's total income is estimated to be $3,758,053.  This is inclusive of rates income, Federal and State grant funding, plus interest and revenue from fees and charges.  Council has planned, over a number of workshop meetings for a solid capital works programme consisting of essential road and footpath upgrades.  It also includes the purchase of a new grade, skid steer, mower for the oval and work vehicles.  Overall, Council is working hard to develop a long term plan to keep our plant up to date and to maintain our roads and other assets.  The budget has $717,862 in non operating grants plus reserves to achieve this.

Council has also elected to borrow $280,000 to build a rental house (Groh House) for the school principal which will give the Shire considerable income for the next 10 years.  I see this as a good investment for the Shire.

A considerable amount of time has been spent on investigating the needs of the town swimming pool which is in need of repair.  Funds will be borrowed as needed, up to $200,000 to commence work on stage 1, which will work towards getting the pool back to a modern facility.

Finally, I must sincerely thank Councillors and the Shire staff who have attended a number of workshops over this years budget.  A lot of work has been undertaken to consider the various competing priorities and a very forward looking budget has been achieved.

Cr Darrel Hudson
Shire President

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