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Environmental Health

The Shire of Dowerin provides a range of environmental health services including in relation to pool safety, food safety, disability access, mosquito and other pest control, wastewater management and waste facilities. Please contact Linton Thomas if you have any environmental health queries.


If your business has anything to do with food, see the food premises notification form below.

The I'M ALERT Food Safety interactive Online training is available at It is free and takes no more than 2 hours to do.

If you finish it and complete the assessment you can print out a certificate for your records.

Under the Food Safety Standards Australia New Zealand Standard 3.2.2 Food Safety Practices and General Requirements, owners of food businesses are responsible for making sure that people who handle food or food contact surfaces in their business, and the people who supervise this work, have the skills and knowledge they need to handle food safely.

Volunteers who handle food for their clubs and organisations are also encouraged to complete the training.

Other forms relating to food include:

I'M ALERT Food Safety interactive Online Training

Food Premises Notification Form

Temporary Events Permit Application


Hardship Policy - This policy sets out the broad philosophy of the Shire of Dowerin in supplying sewerage services to the Dowerin Townsite in accordance with the Licence issued to the Shire by the Economic Regulation Authority.

Hardship Policy

Septic Tank Application


Please reduce, reuse and recycle in Dowerin.

Avon Waste collects the green rubbish bins every Wednesday from the Dowerin Townsite whilst the yellow topped recycling bins are collected every other Tuesday.  Click here for Collection calendar.

Dowerin residents and businesses are encouraged can use the Dowerin Recycling Centre for glass, paper, cardboard and electronic recycling. General waste is to be taken to the Amery Refuse Site located north of the site and open every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday 11 - 4pm.

Sewerage Information for Town Residents

Community members residing in the town site are advised that if a sewerage issue is present at your property resulting in your drainage system backing up please contact the Shire of Dowerin Works Crew as a first port of call. The drainage issue may be caused by a problem further down the main sewerage system and if this is the case the problem can be rectified by Shire staff, saving residents the costs associated with calling a plumber out from surrounding areas.

Contact Details

Contact: Linton Thomas
Position: Environmental Health Officer
Mobile: 0427 413 060