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Waste Management

Green Bin Collection

Each residence in Dowerin is issued with one green bin which is collected by Avon Waste each Wednesday.

All residents are asked to ensure their bin is on the kerbside early to ensure that all bins are collected.

Yellow Bin Collection

Avon Waste will collect your "Yella Fella" every second Tuesday.

Amery Refuse Site

Dowerin residents are able to utilise the Amery Refuse site on a Wednesday, Friday and Sunday between the hours of 11am and 4pm.

The refuse site is manned to ensure the appropriate use of this facility.

Dowerin Green Waste Tip

All green waste can be taken to the Green Waste Tip located on Sanders Road (just off the Meckering Road south of the town site). Please ensure that ONLY green waste is dumped in this area.

If illegal dumping of standard household waste takes place in this area, the Department for Environment will have no choice but to advise the Shire to close this facility down.