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Wildflowers and Reserves

Dowerin has several reserves within the Shire boundaries which are home to an array of wildflowers and native bush and are abundant with wildlife.

Most wildflowers can be observed between July and October but as wildflowers are heavily dependent on the amount of rain that has fallen during winter, so the more rain, the more wildflowers there are to enjoy.

Hot spots include the Tin Dog Creek Reserve, Namelcatchem Reserve and Minnivale Reserve. Some orchid species that have been spotted include the Donkey, Bunny, Leek and Spider. Many species of flowering wattles, grevillea and hakea can be seen on road verges and throughout the reserves in Dowerin.

The striking Blue Dampiera, named after William Dampier who landed on the west coast of Australia in 1699, is also common on roadsides and in Reserves. Pink, white and yellow everlastings can sometimes form a carpet of colour in late August through to October.

The rare Sandpaper Wattle can be seen at the Dowerin Rare Flora Garden in the Town Centre (next to the public toilets), as well as Daviesia euphorbioides or Wongan Cactus, Microcorys eremophiloides or Wongan Microcorys and Wongan conostylis.

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