Australia Day Community citizen of the year award

The Australia Day Community Citizen of the Year Awards focus on community contribution and participation rather than personal achievement.

Auspire and participating Local Councils call for nominations from community groups and individuals.  Nominations are submitted to Auspire online via this website or using the form provided by your local participating Council. To confirm if your council is participating, please go to the nominations page and select your Local Government area from the drop-down menu.

All nominations received before the close-off date are provided to the relevant local Council for consideration and selection.

At the participating council’s discretion a committee, comprised of people from community organisations and citizens, will be appointed to manage the process as well as encourage and promote nominations. The committee of your local council may also make nominations based on local knowledge and experience.

Nominations open on 1 September and close on 31 October each year. Nominations received after the closing date will be ineligible for consideration.

Awards are presented by local councils, usually as part of their Australia Day celebrations and all finalists will be notified by participating local councils directly.

All finalists and winners are also eligible to be submitted by councils or the original nominator to Auspire for consideration in the Australian of the Year Awards the following year.

The awards highlight active citizenship, outstanding contribution to the local community and Australian pride and spirit. Choose the one that suits your nominee:

  • Community Citizen of the Year
  • Community Citizen of the Year - Youth 
  • Community Citizen of the year - Senior 
  • Active Citizenship - Group or Event

Submit your nomination to the CEO of your local council by the 31st of October each year. 

Online Nomination Form

Auspire encourages all nominators to recognise and acknowledge those in their community displaying ideals of social justice, cultural diversity and social inclusion. We also want to highlight the importance that the reconciliation process plays in enabling people to feel valued and contribute more positively towards society.