Tenders & Expressions of Interest

This page details the latest information on tenders currently being advertised, the tenders register and those tenders previously awarded.

All tenders are advertised in accordance with the state-wide public notice requirements as specified in the Local Government Act 1995 and subsidiary Regulations.

Current Tenders

Tender T2020-02 - Pre-qualified Supplier Panel - Wet & Dry Hire of Plant & Equipment

Tender Register

In accordance with Regulation 17(1A) of the Local Government (Functions & General) Regulations 1996, effective from 6 November 2020 the CEO must publish the tenders register on the website (current as from the date of gazettal). As no tenders have been awarded since the below list and 6 November, the tenders register will be included upon completion of the next tender process.

Awarded Tenders

Prior to the gazettal of the Local Government Regulations Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2020 the following tenders were advertised and awarded:

Awarded Tenders
Tender NumberTitle/Description of Good or ServicesAwarded To


Provision of Project Management Services in relation to Storm Damage Works

GHD Pty Ltd (CMRef 0221 June 2020)


Panel of Contractors - Wet & Dry Hire of Plant

All tenderers on the Panel of Pre-Qualified Suppliers

2019-01 Disposal of Lot 294 Stacy Street

Lachlan Wiltshire

2018-04 Residential Property for Sale - 4 O'Loghlen Street & 12 Cottrell Street

12 Cottrell Street - Mervin Barr

4 O'Loghlen - *All tenders rejected by Council 18 December 2018

2018-03 Residential Property for Sale - 43 Stacy Street & 13 Maisey Street

43 Stacy Street - Samantha Jones

13 Maisey Street - No Tenders Received

2018-02 Swimming Pool Refurbishment *All tenders rejected by Council 12 July 2018
2018-01 Design & Construct Groh House Modular WA
2017-03 Flood Damage Restoration Works *All tenders rejected by Council November 2017
2017-02 Flood Damage - Site Supervisor Willis Building & Maintenance
2017-01 Supply and Construction of a 2-Bay Shed For Bush Fire Services, Dowerin WBS Group
2016-05 Construction of the Short Term Accommodation Precinct, Dowerin (Re-advertised) Solution 4 Building
2016-04 Supply and Construction of a 2-Bay Shed for Bush Fire Services, Dowerin *All tenders rejected by Council 15 November 2016
2016-03 Construction of the Short Term Accommodation Precinct, Dowerin *Tender not awarded see Council Minutes of 18 October 2016
2016-02 Management and Operation of the Shire of Dowerin Memorial Swimming Pool Contract Aquatics
2016-01 Architectural Services - Dowerin Short Term Accommodation Precinct - Stage One MCG Architects Pty Ltd