Bear Pantry Cafe 

You won't be able to resist a visit to Bear Pantry Cafe these days, thanks to the daily creations of fresh doughnuts, pastries, and pies (available from Monday to Saturday). Whether you prefer to savor your meal amidst the charm of our alfresco seating on the main street or dine indoors, you can count on exceptional country-style customer service.

ADDRESS: 36 Stewart Street, Dowerin
PHONE: (08) 96311 031

Dowerin Commercial Hotel 

The Dowerin Commercial Hotel is a historical landmark located on Stewart Street in Dowerin and has been a favourite watering hole for generations.
The Dowerin Hotel is a relaxed gathering place with bar food, icy-cold beer and friendly staff.

ADDRESS: 4 Stewart Street, Dowerin
PHONE: 0431 246 728

Dowerin Roadhouse

The Dowerin Roadhouse is a one stop shop for take away food or coffee.
Dowerin Roadhouse offers a range of food and drinks 7 days per week.

ADDRESS: 12 Goldfields Road, Dowerin
PHONE: (08) 9631 1135

Dowerin Community Club

The Dowerin Community Club (DCC) offers a range of delicious meals on Wednesday to Friday evenings to all club members and visitors.
Complete with kids menu, the DCC is the perfect spot for the whole family. Meals from 5:30pm - 8pm or by booking.

ADDRESS: 35 East Street, Dowerin  
PHONE: 0434 342 595