Harvest Bans

  • A separate fire fighting fire appliance is required to be present in any paddock being harvested, chaining, raking stubble, straw baling and associated allied activities during restricted and prohibited periods. The fire fighting unit must be in a state of readiness and have a minimum capacity of 400 litres of water, a powered pump and hose. The farm fire fighting unit should be parked on bare ground in or near the harvesting or working area.
  • A Harvesting and Movement Ban and Use of Internal Combustion Engines (except for the watering and movement of stock) will be imposed when the actual weather conditions reach a Fire Danger rating of forty two (42) on the maximum wind speed at the weather stations of two (2) bush fire brigades All such bans are at the discretion of the Chief Bush Fire Control Officer or a duly appointed person.
  • It is MANDATORY for all operators of harvesters to be registered on the Shire of Dowerin Harvest and Vehicle Movement Ban SMS Notification service. If a ban has been imposed, all persons registered will be sent a text message advising them of details.

Information regarding Harvest Bans are broadcast over the radio networks of:

A.B.C. Statewide AM

W.A.F.M. 90.9

Radio West 864 AM

Please note that radio is the primary means of notification. SMS notifications should not be fully relied upon as they may not be received in a timely manner.

Residents can register themselves on the Shire of Dowerin Harvest and Vehicle Movement Ban SMS Notification service by contacting the Shire Administration Office on 9631 1202 or at dowshire@dowerin.wa.gov.au