Dowerin Cemetery

The Dowerin Cemetery lies approximately 4km out of the Dowerin townsite on Cemetery Road, and it marks the tranquil resting place of our communities loved ones, family and friends.

In 1999 a group of volunteers from our community created the working group ‘Friends of the Cemetery’. The group is estimated to have raised over $35,000 since its establishment, and the money has been used for a series of major projects over the years. Along with support from the Dowerin Shire, the group has renovated the reticulation, installing a bore and a tank in order to make the cemetery completely self-sustainable. New seating and a number of gazebos have been constructed, and new gardens developed along the years also.

The group hosts a number of busy bee clean ups each year, and ensures the cemetery is presentable before each memorial alongside Shire staff.

The Niche Wall was extended to include an additional 147 cavities. The new side of the wall faces North and is a beautiful addition to the cemetery, giving families extra options and opportunities to memorialise loved ones.

Minnivale Cemetery 

The Minnivale Cemetery is along the Minnivale North East Road, and holds a number of historical grave sites.
Some information of gravesites in the Minnivale Cemetery can be found by clicking here, Please note, this information may not be outdated.

Fees & Information 

Fees and Information

The Shire of Dowerin Fees and Charges are updated annually, and the most recently adopted fees can be found on the website by clicking here.

To view the Shire of Dowerin Cemetery Guide, please click here. The guide is intended to assist you through the processes for reservations, applications, burial and niche memorials, and includes any forms you may need.

Any further queries can be directed to the Administration Office staff, by calling (08) 9631 1202 or by emailing