Dowerin Cemetery

The Dowerin Cemetery lies approximately 4km out of the Dowerin Townsite on Cemetery Road and it marks the tranquil resting place of our communities loved ones, family and friends – and what an amazing cemetery it is, complete with beautifully cared for flowers & pot plants, carefully constructed gazebo’s and fitted seating. However, if we were to visit ten years ago it would have been a different story altogether.

In 1999 a group of highly motivated, hard working volunteers from our community decided that the Dowerin Cemetery was an embarrassment to the town with its untidy appearance and a lack of seating and parking, it was time to give it a touch of TLC.

The Dowerin Friends of the Cemetery group was born comprising of a group of likeminded individuals with a shared vision to make a difference and beautify the area.

From day one, fundraising was top of the agenda and it is estimated that the group has managed to raise over $35,000.00 since establishing itself back in the late 1990’s.

This money has been used for a series of major projects over the years. Reticulation, a bore and tank have been installed in order to make the cemetery completely self-sustainable, seating and a number of gazebos have been constructed and monies raised have contributed to purchasing a series of attractive plant pots.

The Dowerin Friends of the cemetery group have 3 or 4 clean up busy bees per year and ensure that the area is clean and tidy before every funeral.

In 2008 the group began a major project to build an extension of the existing niche wall and also proposed a plan to construct a large gazebo to cover the niche wall, a project which was completed later that year with the help of the friends of the cemetery group, local volunteers and the Shire of Dowerin’s works crew.

This project was funded through voluntary hours at the Dowerin Machinery Field Days and also through in kind donations from local businesses and community members.

Charges and Information

For information regarding funeral/burial in Dowerin please contact the Shire of Dowerin Administration Staff on 9631 1202.

Charges and Information
Single Internment  $1,200.00
Double Internment $1,310.00
Grant of Right of Burial $71.00
Niche Wall - Single Niche $144.00
Niche Wall - Double Niche $250.00
Niche Wall - Grant of Right of Burial $72.00
Niche Wall - Plaques at cost
Grave Site Reservation $35.00
Niche Wall Reservation $35.00
Erect Monument Fee $45.00
Reopening of Grave $1,200.00

All prices include GST.

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