"Please Send Socks" Drama Production

The Dowerin District Museum would like to research and write a drama production telling some of the stories of Dowerin through the First World War, from the words of the men and women who lived through it.

We are seeking letters, diaries, postcards from those serving and those at home. The Dowerin Shire at that time included Wyalkatchem, Cowcowing, Koorda and Minnivale as well as smaller centres like Badgerin.

The First World War Honour Roll has 176 First World War names and there are more that could/should be there. A full list can be found below.

If you have any resources or stories, please help us tell their story.

Contact: Diane Hatwell
Email: diane.hatwell@gmail.com
Mobile: 0427 631 101
Address: C/- Post Office Dowerin WA 6461


Surname Christian Names Service Number
Adams J.  
Ainsworth Alfred Edward 7682
Aldred Reginald John 196
Allanson Allan Herman 202
Allanson Charles 1888
Allsopp Thomas Ernest 508
Anderson Walter Raymond 2798
Anderson Clarence Charles 4009
Anderson Joseph Herbert  3705
Anderson James William  4011
Anderson Lesley 4008
Angus Roy Harlow  6283
Armstrong Alfred Thomas 3770
Bateman Walter Stewart 7689
Barr David Frances 2458
Bear Ernest 11
Bear W.T.  
Beechey Christopher William Reeve  1368
Beechey Harold Reeve 200
Beer Bert  18478
Bennett John Livingston  4732
Biles Frederick 2459
Black Alan Bennison  885
Blaikie Walter Brunton  1898
Blight Harold Percival 2857
Bradley George Stewart  
Bright James Frederick  4445
Broadbent Albert George 2838
Broadbent Harry Franklin MM 592
Broadbent Marshall  
Broadbridge Charles Henry 2050
Browne Charles William 20880
Card Frank James  3132
Carter Lionel Lewin  
Cassidy James Alfred Edgar 3767
Chandler E.  
Collins Archibald 6978
Cooke Leonard Charles  882
Cooke Wesley   
Cosh Edwin Charles 7112
Cotterell Sydney Salisbury 52037
Coxon William Charles 2804
Coxon T.R. W W I
Crawford Ronald Henry 3110
Davies J.  
Davies Thomas Montague  2896
Day Clarence James  7722
Day H.  
Doherty E.W. 230
Drane Alfred  4049
Dunbar Ivor Adrian 883
Eaclestone John Josiah 6503
Eaton Henry John  65
Eaton Edwin Alfred 2638
Ecroyd Frank 6264
Elliott J.  
Elsegood John Leonard 16439
Evans Howard Lindon 5967
Fawcett Basil  1939
Fenwick Leslie George 2660
Fitzsimmons G.M.  
Fox T.  
Fraser Charles Fitzgerald   
Frearson Clement Cook Junction  865
Gamble A.E.  
Gollins Henry James 10628
Godfrey F.  
Gould C.H.  
Gould Joseph Gilbert 2389
Greenham Arthur Engle 2891
Greenham George William Thomas  2574
Greenham Sydney Crompton   
Gregan John Thomas 2572
Gregan P.J. W W I
Griffiths Robert 7001
Groves Alfred  6322
Hackett Frederick 3819
Hamilton William James 7087
Harris Arthur James  5725
Harris John William MM  5104
Harris Alexander Ross  3659
Harris William Valentine  285
Hatwell Arthur Vincent 149
Hawkes Samuel Gibbings 5861
Hayter William Lawrence 4061
Hicks Arthur James  7483
Holmes Thomas Harold 1841
Holroyd Arthur Comport 244
Houston Bertram William 3121
Hughes John Richard 6947
Jensen Neils Christian 1664
Johnston Thomas James 15586
Jones Allan 1852
Judd Charles Frederick George  1854
Keegan John 14597
Kohler Edward Frederick 1970
Laffin Richard Joseph 3221
Lavelle William? 896
Lavelle Michael  16038
Lawrance Caleb Arthur 2808
Lee Thomas Brown   
Lethlean W.  
Lewis William Guy  2941
Lillywhite Arthur  1862
Leonard William Walter  
Luckie William Julius 1791
Lundy Victor  3291
Maddocks Percival Ernest Allen  6292
Maitland Maitland Hazel 2372
Martin Harold Chester  6794
Mayne William  7021
McDonald J. W W I
McDowell Stewart Arthur  6956
McGrath Timothy 6828
McGregor Ernest 5407
McLachlan Leslie Alexander 39113
McPherson Trevor Charles Aneas 7779
McQueen Robert Alexander Colin 332
Medbury Leslie 3270
Maull Frank 5631
Meldrum James 2448
Mercer Andrew Haddon  2769
Miller Gordon 6917
Minchin Percival Edward  52085
Mizen Arthur Stanley  1982
Moore Arthur Edwin 3006
Morgan William Wilson  7751
Moseley Edwin Otis  8007
Oaten Reginald Boston 2615
Oaten John Samuel  2974
O'Loghlen John James 3095
O'Loughlin R.H.  
Pancoust Frederick Arthur  2755
Pearman Albert Edward  5450
Peters William Vivian  52097
Phillips William Charles  252
Phillips Martin Richard  6564
Phillips F.R.  
Pulford William James 3770
Remnant Herbert 3199
Richards R.A.  
Riches George Henry 1896
Riley R.R.  
Roach M.  
Roberts E.T.  
Roberts William Henry 3369
Roberts Walter Arnold Raymond 7098
Robinson Charles Archibald  333
Robinson J.  
Rust James Dartnell  1097
Scott E.A.  
Scouler Matthew Allison  1078
Scouler John James Stawell  
Scouler Alexander Peter 1077
Sear H.R.  
Shankland Walter Gibbon 2940
Shaw Lester 2411
Skerry Robert Clyde  772
Slocum Hiram Henry  2748
Smith James  3213
Smith David  863
Smith Clement Campbell  57541
Smith William Oliver  3207
Speakman Norman Henry  2626
Stewart Archibald  2985
Stewart Rodger  522
Storey Jack Latham 2489
Stuart John Ernest Athol   
Taylor Edmund Youlden  8006
Thomas Charles Leonard  22544
Thompson Lionel Francis Seymour  6343
Thompson Stephen James  6344
Thompson Ralph  7081
Throssell Frank Eric   
Throssell Hugo Vivien Hope   
Tiddy Arthur George 84
Trindall Ernest Reginald   7255
Van Heurck Edward Albert  6111
Veal Samuel  10888
Virgin Henry James 4101
Wanstall Thomas John 16271
Ward William Leslie 86
Ward Francis Thomas 2909
Wearndly Arthur  3229
Webb William Hodges 1386
West H.  
White Arthur George 18265
Williams William Meredith   
Wilson T.