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Starting in either Perth or Merredin, the scenic Pioneers Pathway wanders past expansive Wheatbelt farmland and through the towns of Goomalling, Dowerin, Wyalkatchem, Trayning, Kununoppin and Nungarin. This trip is a rewarding alternative to the Great Eastern Highway direct route and adds only 44 kilometres to the journey when travelling between Perth and Merredin. It offers the remarkable view of wildflowers in colourful profusion during the season, invigorating leg-stretching nature walks, as well as numerous buildings and museums reflecting the unique rural historical significance of the region.

Take the pathway to enjoy:

  • Spring wildflowers, natural rolling vistas, unique rural history
  • Lakes, huge granite outcrops, nature walks, bird watching Off road driving, museums, history, heritage,
  • Safe family holidays, excellent roads, comfortable stops

For further information regarding activities, accommodation and places to see in the Central Wheatbelt,  click here to visit the Central Wheatbelt Visitors Centre website.

Updated brochure available from the Shire Of Dowerin Office.

Official Pioneer's Pathway Website